John Drebinger Safty Speaker

Testimonials about Safety Speaker John Drebinger

“This was the first time we have brought John in to talk to a large contractor workforce.  We have had him give presentations several times to ExxonMobil employees but not to contractors. John’s presentation was very well received and had the positive impact I was hoping to achieve.

How people feel drives how they behave and we have been working hard to achieve a positive safety culture and environment on this turnaround.  John’s fun, positive presentation and messages hit the mark and was a great way to kick off the turnaround work!” Thanks.

Phil Stallman, Baytown Site Mechanical

ASSE logo

Can you remember when making a presentation was something worse than death even though the subject matter to present was second nature to you. Our educational training does not prepare us to know how to conduct an effective presentation with confidence.

John Drebinger, professional educator in speaking, noticed this and began helping us in 1990 when he began teaching us the “How To” when he was asked by Pacific Gas & Electric to do a presentation at one of their  corporate safety kickoffs. Traditionally, for some of us, safety meetings ere known for being sleep-inducing and downright boring. Since coming on the scene John has been teaching us how to add enthusiasm and passion to our safety messages.

John’s reputation for motivating, inspiring, and teaching became known on a national scale from job sites to corporate conference rooms. Since 1995 he has presented every year at the Professional Development Conference of the American Society of Safety Engineers where his presentations are fresh, unique, and provocative as he constantly develops break-through content based upon his real world experiences and faithful study. John transforms everyday stories into parables teaching profound lessons that save lives. In 1998, during my year as president, John was our keynote speaker, when his presentation, The Impossible Is Just An Illusion, inspired over 2,500 safety professionals to return to their workplace and make a difference in employee’s lives. I was so impressed with John’s book, Mastering Safety Communication, that I arranged for all attendees at the conference to receive a copy so that they would have the opportunity to learn his techniques for successful communication. What I find most significant is not that John can motivate an audience to work safely, but that he can teach others to motivate their workers to initiate and practice safe behavior in such a way that they appreciate the “safety rules” as life-preserving techniques. As past president of the American Society of Safety Engineers, I am boldly confident that John’s presence on the stage will be one of a professional character and a quality message and so recommend him for any speaking engagement for which he is being considered.

Jerry P. Ray, CSP – Past President, American Society of Safety Engineers

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27th Special Operations Wing

“Recently, I had the privilege of attending the American Society of Safety Engineers conference in Denver.  Though there were many great speakers and it was a very rewarding experience and increased my safety knowledge greatly, one speaker really hit home with me. Mr. John Drebinger gave a presentation entitled “Would You Watch Out For My Safety™.” If you ever get the opportunity to see Mr. Drebinger in person, I would highly recommend you not miss the chance. He is not only a very informative safety speaker but a very entertaining magician.”

William Keely – 27th Special Operations Wing Safety Office, Cannon Air Force Base


“Thanks to those of you who attended and participated in the webinar led by John Drebinger, the author of the book, “Would You Watch Out for My Safety?”  In a very entertaining webinar where John somehow got my watch off of my wrist without me knowing it and found a dollar bill in a lemon, we learned that “Would You Watch Out for My Safety?” perfectly marries with our concept of “If Not Me, Then Who?”  While “If Not Me, Then Who?” focuses on intervening to stop somebody from completing an unsafe act, it is does not really indicate how to intervene that is comfortable and easy to do.  “Would You Watch Out for My Safety?” is the “How”.”

Mike Thomas,  Arcadis U.S. Inc


“By implementing the techniques that John teaches into our plant safety training, everyone at our plant has said that we now have the best safety training that they have ever seen!”

Ted Gaziemski HSE Manager – Solvay Advance Polymers

Bechtel Logo

John is a wonderful speaker and great motivator. He kept our 1500 employees engaged for a full hour with rave reviews at the end. Great job…again!

Stacy Thursby  WCH S&H Programs – Bechtel


Thanks again to John for coming down to the turnaround. The feedback Sylvia gave was that the personalization of the message helped keep it aligned with our safety communications here. I liked the way John was able to work our LPS week theme into his presentation seamlessly, and our General Manager thought that this was a great way to mix up our safety talks at tent meetings and town halls – using magic to liven the message up in a new way.

John Casey,  Chevron Safety Manager

NPRA logo

“Your presentation on “Effective Motivational and Communication Skills for Safety Professional” contained a wealth of information, and was exceptionally delivered with humor and your signature magic tricks.”

NPRA Tom Wigglesworth

Departmento of Labor logo

I wanted to take a minute to thank you “officially” for the fantastic presentation you gave to our managers last week. It was truly the frosting on the cake for the week long planning meeting and served to reinvigorate everyone! I received many positive comments on your session, including remarks from one area director who said he picked up four themes for staff pep talks from the concepts you presented.

I my long career, I have hear numerous motivational speakers, but none have captured the essence of safety and imagination working together as you have. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to spend a couple of hours with us. You are truly a talented individual, and I appreciate all that you do to make safety and health in the workplace a reality.

Cindy Coe,  U.S. Department of Labor

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NASA logo

You clearly understand the need for commitment at all levels, from top management to the worker on the line, that is critical to ensuring you have a successful safety program. You are a true professional in every sense of the word.

George Abbey,  Johnson Space Center, NASA




In addition to impressing Valero Paulsboro employees and management, John also made a positive impression on our site contractors and visitors. When we hit a home run like we did with John and his presentations, the Committee ends up looking very goof in the eyes of company management as well as the employees they are trying to influence.


William Durham,  Valero Paulsboro Refinery

AGC Logo

One participant remarked, “John brings energy, enthusiasm and involved the participants-that is the key to learning.” I will continue to refer people to you anytime they are looking for a cutting edge presenter.

Carl Heinlein,  The Associated General Contractors of America

Virginia Tech logo copy

I have seen John inspire a room of 2500 people with his stories and relevant magic. As one of the very best teachers I have ever seen, he maintains continual attention from every audience and teaches more in a short time than most people teach in a full day of training.

John’s presentations are fresh and original, and instrumental at reinforcing a client’s safety values to all their company employees.

E. Scott Geller Ph.D,   Center for Applied Behavior Systems,  Virginia Tech

FBI logo copy

Your presentation on “Safety Communication” was described as being particularly dynamic and useful to our forensic laboratory participants.

Arthur Eberhart, U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation


On behalf of the Quaker Innovation Team, thank you for a great day of learning through your communications workshop to Quaker R & D on September 19th. Your engaging presentation style not only entertained us, but also helped reinforce key message points and provided us with some new unique tools to enhance our communication skills. Please extend our thanks also to your assistant, Diane Weiss. Her attention to detail and follow-through is phenomenal. She is a great asset to your team.

MaryKay Skrypec,  Quaker Oats Company

The American Group of Constructors Logo

When I arrived at the office on Tuesday, I was greeted with positive remarks from members of the staff. These comments continued throughout the day as other workers came into the office. All in all, everyone agreed that you presented a very informative program and the tricks were enjoyed by all.

Agnes Chervenak,  The American Group of Constructors (TAG)

Peabody Energy Logo

His combination of storytelling, magic and clear messaging was well received. I believe he is a difference maker and give thanks to all of you for the service you provide.

Jon Dever,  Peabody Energy

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Lockheed Martin logo

His use of storytelling, humor and magic energized our employees and have them talking about his presentation and more importantly safety.

Robert Travis,  Lockheed Martin

iowa-illinois safety council

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule and your commitment to safety, health and environmental education throughout our communities. You are a joy to work with!

Laura Johnson ,  Iowa-Illinois Safety Council

45th Space Wing Logo Patrick AFB

Your presentations were eye-openers for our personnel especially our critical target audience of young Airmen. The numerous accolades we received from Airmen to Commanders are evidence that your message was well received and definitely have a profound and lasting impact on our wing personnel.

B. Edwin Wilson, Department of the Air Force, Patrick AFB

National Maritime Safety Association logo copy

Not only was your message informative and thought provoking, but entertaining, as well. Thank-you for your excellent presentation at our conference.

William Walker,  National Maritime Safety Association, Inc. 

NASA logo

Through your “Ensure Your Safety” presentation, our employees learned the importance of protecting their health and safety at work, home and in-between. Over 200 people and hundreds more watched from conference rooms throughout the Center.

Gran Watson, NASA Langley Research Center

Departmento of Labor logo

This was the first conference of it’s kind and it was a huge success due to your great message. The conference had over 775 attendees representing companies from across the globe.

Dean McDaniel,  U.S. Department of Labor OSHA

Construction Employers Association

Using the perfect blend of humor, magic, and gravity, your presentation regarding personal responsibility and safety provided many practical tools for our audience to employ immediately.

Dana Lahargoue, Construction Employer’s Association

Golden State Risk Management Auth.

Your messages and techniques for communicating safety are right on the target. You came highly recommended, and you did not disappoint.

Dan Berry,  Golden State Risk Management Authority


Many in the audience commented on how lively and entertaining the session was and the information in your speech and additional reference material you provided were both interesting and useful.

Will Jernigan,  Koch Industries

Agricultural Personnel Mgt Assoc Logo SM

Agricultural Personnel Management Association

The reviews are in and your keynote speech at our recent APMA Forum was well received by all attending! Your lively and informative presentation gave us a wonderful kickoff for our Forum.

Please accept my sincere thanks, as well as the thanks of our Forum attendees or your generous commitment in helping us present one of the best Forums in the sixteen-year history of the Agricultural Personnel Management Association. I look forward to an opportunity to work with you again in the future.

Sheila Aamodt, President

Agricultural Personnel Management Association

Agricultural Producers Logo SM

Agricultural Producers

It was truly a pleasure having you participate in our Human Resources Conference last month in Shell Beach. You humor and lightheartedness was such a nice change from our normally somber messages to our members. Watching you “work” the crowd and make people laugh was truly an enjoyable experience. The afternoon breakout session on communicating safety messages was a huge hit, as you will see from the enclosed evaluations. The attendees walked away with a fresh view of communication, its importance, and how to make it effective. Thank you for being such a big part of our successful meeting. I look forward to working with you and your exceptional staff again.

Elizabeth W. Roche, SPHR

Director of Training and Technical Services

Agricultural Producers

America West Newspapers Logo SM

America West Regional Newspaper Operations and Technology Conf.

Your enthusiasm, professionalism and “magic skills” created the atmosphere for the terrific group participation, which set the stage for the audience to be empowered and inspired by your message on communication skills.

Diane Donohue

America West Show Director

America West Regional Newspaper Operations and Technology Conference


Anheuser-Busch Inc.

I want to take this time to thank you for working with us at Anheuser-Busch Baldwinsville Brewery to make our fourth quarter communications meetings so successful. In dedicating the entire two-hour meeting to safety, we were concerned with how to impress upon our employees the importance of safety and, at the same time, avoid boring them with statistics. The combination of our presentation with yours was a good match to communicate our commitment to safety and enhance their personal responsibility.

I received very positive feedback from our employees and managers on your presentation and magic skills. Your abilities to use the entertainment of magic to keep the employees’ attention and simultaneously send a positive safety message is truly a unique approach that was extremely effective. We all learned how to take more personal responsibility for our own safety and for the safety of those around us at work and at home.

We look forward to working with you again to reinforce the positive message and outcome of our meetings.

Greg Wedyck

Environmental, Health & Safety Manager

Anheuser-Busch Inc.





I wanted to take the time to thank you for the power of your presentation. I cannot begin to tell you how many Boeing people came by my office to compliment you on the techniques you taught us

Thank you again for your participation at our Inter-Regional Safety Monitor Meeting. You were greatly appreciated.

Jim Conery

Boeing Everett

Bridger Coal Logo

Bridger Coal Company

We would like to express our appreciation for your participation as a presenter during this year’s Annual Refresher Training at Bridger Coal Company. Your presentation was very meaningful and well received by our employees.

Your presentation greatly contributed to the overall success of the program.

Pat Akers

General Manager

Bush Brothers Logo SM

Bush Brothers & Company

Thank you for being a part of our Annual Safety and Human Resource conference. Your presentation on the first day certainly set the stage for a highly involved, energetic, and effective conference.

The techniques of communication you taught and the way you demonstrated them during course of the day was very impressive. Your ability to teach and hold the interest of the audience through the use of magic, life experiences, humor and wit made the techniques easy to remember. Our safety trainers have begun to use the techniques and have found them to be highly effective.

I was especially pleased with your ability to tailor your message to fit our safety culture and address the HR function as well.

“Great ability to make learning fun! Captured audience throughout entire presentation. Best speaker I have ever heard!” were a few of the comments I received after your presentation.

However, you presentation did give me one problem. How am I going to top your for next years conference.

Max Fultz

Corporate Safety Manager

Bush Brothers & Company

Calmar Logo SM


I want to thank you so much for your great safety presentations on May 1 and 2. You were tireless, working through the night to present to all three shifts. Your energy level was extremely high for all the three shifts. Your enthusiasm was contagious.

We have had many comments about your safety presentations. They have all said that you were very entertaining and were able to get everyone’s attention to the safety message using your special “magic”. You gave them the message that everyone benefits from keeping themselves safe. You were very sincere in your delivery. Employees have commented that, because of you, this was the best safety kickoff program we’ve ever had.

I have attached a letter I received from my plant manager that really says it all. We look forward to having you back in the future for more safety presentations.

Marilyn Vogler

Human Resources Department, Safety Specialist


Attached Note from Plant Manager:

To: Marilyn Vogler From: Frank Ellis Plant Manager

“Your enthusiasm and dedication to our Calmar Safety program has been evident from the beginning, but never more so than during our recent safety meetings in the new cafeteria. Your decision to invite John Drebinger was an excellent one. It has our Safety program off to a great start.

Central Community College Platte Logo

Central Community College – Platte Campus

Thank you for agreeing to come to Nebraska and presenting two very motivational sessions. The one-hour session you did for the 250 college employees was very well received, and the four-hour session for the 36 individuals from business and industry was educational and entertaining.

I’ve heard many positive comments about both programs. I personally felt good about bringing this type of quality training to Central Community College employees and Columbus area business and industry. I am confident people are communicating better today because of your training.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Doug Pauley

Central Community College – Platte Campus

Central Illinois Light Co Logo SM

Central Illinois Light Company

I wanted to write and tell you how thrilled I was with your presentation at our Fourth Quarter Division Safety meeting. As I indicated to you the day of the meeting, you kept all employees’ attention and made quite an impact. I did not realize how much of an impact until I got back to our service center today. Many of our union employees have indicated that it is the best safety meeting that they had ever been to. They indicated your message was relevant and easy to understand, as well as entertaining. Your enthusiasm was contagious, even to some of our employees that never seem to react to much of anything.

Something else I appreciate, is the way you incorporated the information I gave you, about our company, into your presentation. I was very impressed with your understanding of how change is affecting us here at CILCO and how, after just a few minutes of discussing my concerns, you retained them and worked them into your presentation.

This was the grand finale for me as Chair of the Safety Committee and your performance made it very positive and memorable for our employees. Even my manager complimented me on the excellent meeting. Many thanks to you! I look forward to having you perform more of your “magic” on the communication skills of many of our management people. I have forwarded information on your seminar to our training coordinators.

Diana Ott

Central Illinois Light Company

Safety Committee Chair

conectiv logo

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for working with us at Conectiv to make our First Annual Safety Excellence Summit so successful. Your presentation offered just the right mix of humor, magic and serious practical advice, and was an excellent complement to the internal business leaders that also spoke during the day.

I received very positive feedback regarding your presentation from everyone who attended the summit. This included our CEO, Howard Cosgrove, down through the front line workers who were in attendance. What people were most impressed with, however, is the way you were able to convey a very appropriate, motivational, useful safety message in a way that was fun and tailored specifically for our company. From my perspective, that is the real magic that you brought to our day.
Robert F. Fatzinger
Manager-Corporate Safety Programs


P.S. Thanks also to Diane Weiss for doing a great job of helping us to plan for the most effective use of your talents at the summit. Diane knows your capabilities well, and was very effective in suggesting how we could most appropriately use your time with us. She is a real asset to your organization.

Consumers Energy Logo

Consumers Energy

The compliments over John’s presentation were immediate. I am confident he will be visiting our state again. It was a pleasure working with you.

Terry T. Westfall

Director of Corporate Safety and Health

Consumers Energy

Jackson, Mississippi

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Dick Corporation Logo SM

Dick Corporation

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a tremendous presentation during Dick Corporation’s annual meeting conducted at the Sheraton Station Square hotel on March 1, 1997.

The comments we received from our employees concerning your training session and your keynote address were all very positive. There has been an overwhelming consensus that we would like to have you return for our meeting next year.

I am looking forward to reading your new book and have already begun to incorporate some of the skills I learned from your seminar into my presentations. Good luck for the remainder of this year and we hope to see you next winter.

Andrew D. Peters

Director of Human Resources

Dick Corporation

DuPont Logo

DuPont Nylon

Just a quick note of appreciation for your presentations to our recent side-wide “Safety Roundup” sessions. The audience found your message lively, entertaining and packed with real value in our drive to achieve an injury free workplace.

Those of us who were involved in planning the event were also very impressed with your ability to tailor your message to our theme, and to meld into our culture and use our terminology. In a very real sense you appeared to be “one of us” — something, which is important to us.

As you remember, you gave your hour-and-a-half presentation on four different days to groups of about 450 people. Even though you ‘drew’ the after lunch time slot, I didn’t observe any ‘nodding heads’ during any one of your presentations. (And even on the fourth time through, I couldn’t see what I wasn’t supposed to see!!)

Thanks again for your help in our drive to 0-injuries.

F. William Farnsworth

Technical Supt.

DuPont Nylon


Elf Aquitaine, Inc.
Your presentation was a tremendous success with all our participants. All in attendance really appreciated your style and the content of your talks. Your message was very inspirational, and the techniques you taught very valuable tools. Your way of teaching was both effective and entertaining. I believe opening our meeting with your presentation greatly contributed to its success.
Arnaud Morange
Manager Environmental Affairs

Fire Dept Safety Officers Assoc SM

Fire Department Safety Officers Association

On behalf of myself and the Fire Department Safety Officers Association, I wish to extend our sincerest thanks for your presentation at our Annual Safety Officers Conference.

We are very pleased with the success of this year’s program. We had some very positive feedback on your presentations—they were educational and insightful yet entertaining. You certainly set a good tone for the remainder of the conference.

Mary F. McCormack

Executive Director

Fire Department Safety Officers Association

Florida Safety Council Logo SM

Florida Safety Council

Words cannot express our feelings of thanks for your presentation at the Florida Safety Council’s 51st Annual Awards Luncheon that was held last month. You held the audience spellbound the whole time. I noted that although there were over 200 guests present, you could have heard a pin drop from the time that you began your talk to the final sentence. I especially enjoyed the magic tricks added throughout your presentation, which kept the groups interest.

Everyone is still wondering, “How did he do that?” Many of the guests, including myself, wanted to tell you how inspirational and entertaining they felt your presentation was. We have received many positive comments from our members that this was by far the best Awards Luncheon ever!

Much of the thanks for those comments go to you.

Thank you for sharing your interesting and motivational story with the group. You impressed everyone at the event, and I’m quite sure that you have already received positive comments and requests for future presentations from some of the companies that attended.

Thomas P. Guilmet

Executive Director

Florida Safety Council

NASA logo

George C. Marshall Space Flight Center – NASA

On behalf of the Marshall Space Flight Center, thank you for speaking at our annual Safety Day on October 25, 2000. I have heard many positive remarks regarding your speech and use of magic. Your unique sense of humor, shared life experiences, and safety message were very enjoyable and provided a strong personal impact.

Again, thanks for your participation and for helping to make our Center a safer place to work.

A. G. Stephenson


George C. Marshall Space Flight Center – NASA


Greater Los Angeles Chapter National Safety Council

Western Environmental Health and Safety Conference

This year, again you were the most popular presenter – for both sessions! I look forward to the Congress again having the distinction of you as a lead presenter.

Joseph M Kaplan


Greater Los Angeles Chapter National Safety Council

Gulf Coast Safety Council

Your speech was highly anticipated by many of the attendees, and the feedback confirmed that the anticipation was worth it. They loved it!

Laura Liptak,  Gulf Coast Safety & Security

Kirtland Air Force Safety Center

Kirtland Air Force Base

Your presentation during our Air Force Ground Safety Update Meeting was a great success. I’d like to personally thank you for your presentation, which sent our participants out the door with an upbeat attitude and, hopefully, something to think about in the future. I especially appreciate your ability and willingness to bring Air Force ground safety concerns, as well as achievements, into your message.

One individual’s critique comment was that you should have been first on the agenda. But, if you had, I think the rest of our messages would have seemed dull in comparison unless we had you do those presentations too.

Please also extend my thanks to Diane—she is very efficient and helpful and her efforts were greatly appreciated.


Chief, Ground Safety Division

Kirtland Air Force Base

Laborers Health and Safety Fund Logo

Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund of North America

I just wanted to write to thank you for your excellent presentation at our recent Tri-Fund Conference. I know that all in attendance enjoyed your remarks and the accompanying magic. Many took the time during the remainder of the conference to comment favorably. However, the real value to your safety message will be in he months and years ahead as the audience dreams big and prevents work site injuries and deaths. For that, we can never thank you enough.

As we discussed, I am enclosing the videotape of your presentation. I didn’t know the filming crew, but they labeled the tape, “Comedian – John Drebinger.” Obviously, they enjoyed taping you, and I think that’s a compliment to you.

On behalf of both our labor and management attendees, I thank you for an inspirational safety message and a most enjoyable presentation.

Joseph C.” Fowler Jr.

Executive Director

Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund of North America

Lucent Technologies Logo

Lucent Technologies
John entertained and informed our 3300 employees over 4 days, and his enthusiasm and energy never lagged through 12 one-hour safety meetings and a two-hour management forum. His combination of humor, magic, and personal experience kept everyone’s attention on the subject of safety and environmental health.

We thoroughly enjoyed his presentations and found him a pleasure to be with, on and off the job.
R.J. Schmitz
Safety Supervisor

Lucent Technologies

 Maxwell 42d Air Force Base copy SM

Maxwell Air Force Base
Your presentation was extremely appropriate as we approached the holiday season.

Across the base, I am hearing positive words about your presentation and am sure it is indicative of everyone who attended. Your visual demonstrations highlighted the need for safe attitudes and practices. I am sure that the impact of your talks, coupled with our on-going efforts, will yield positive results.
David R. Jewell,
Major, USAF
Chief of Safety

Merck Logo

Merck Manufacturing Division
The feedback we received was very positive. Some folks from whom we never get much in the way of positive feedback bordered on enthusiastic when heard commenting about your talks.

Thanks again for your efforts and thanks to Diane for her help working with us on the scheduling and details. I look forward to contacting you again in the future.
B.F. Bastian, CIH
Manager of Safety & IH

Nabholz Logo

Nabholz Construction Corporation

Thank you for a job well done serving as our speaker for our 1997 Safety Conference. Based on all comments I have received, and hopefully reflected in your evaluation sheets, your presentation was a big success with our team.

Your effective style of speaking, mixed with magic and humor, maintained the attention or the audience allowing you to convey the important points to them You were well prepared, not just on the subject matter, but also on our company and our needs. I appreciate your willingness and preparation to customize your-message to Nabholz.

We have produced dozens of safety training sessions and conferences in the past; most were focused on statistics, regulations or technical applications. The information you gave us on communication and creativity filled a void…How do you make safety happen? I am confident your message will motivate our supervisors to make some changes in their approach to jobsite safety and communication.

It was a pleasure getting to know you on your visit. Please pass along my thanks to Diane for her efforts working with me on all the details; She makes it easy for your customers to employ your services. Please feel free to use me as a reference. Thanks again for exceeding our expectations.

Don Greenland III

EVP of Operations

Nabholz Construction Corporation

NalcoExxon Energy Chemicals Logo

Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemicals

Your keynote address and the training you provided for our research managers were both very well received. I have received many compliments about your presentations from our staff. In fact, I have been to Sugar Land three times since your visit; on each of those trips, at least one person (usually several) has commented how much they enjoyed your presentation. I have been asked repeatedly “how are you going to top that guy in future Safety Day presentations?” I have asked myself the same question.

Your sense of humor enhances your superb public speaking skills. Your mastery of magic is a bonus. Our researchers are typical scientists and engineers; they like the challenge of figuring things out and explaining their observations. The appeal of magic is in its defiance of our common understanding of how the world works. I will never forget Dave Giddings’ smug remark when you asked him if he thought you could produce a card with exactly half the value of the card he had selected. He responded “I don’t think so!” and then you showed him a 3 ½ of clubs. The look on his face was priceless. And Mary Osterloh is still trying to figure out (as are the rest of us) how you put that dollar bill back together and inserted it inside a lemon. But it was not just a good magic show; each demonstration was chosen to make a point in your discussion of safety. That is why the total effect was greater than the sum of the individual parts. It was a great personal pleasure for me to watch you do what you do so well. I also enjoyed our discussions about developing public speaking and listening skills.

Please extend my warmest thanks to Diane Weiss. She is always so pleasant and efficient in identifying all the details that need to be resolved to ensure that your presentations have the maximum impact. As one who considers himself to be a “detail person”, I recognize and admire her organizational talents. I know that you appreciate her contributions; I just wanted to say that I do as well.

John, on behalf of Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemicals’ entire Research organization, I thank you for being the highlight of our Research Safety Day program. Enjoy the holiday season and have a safe, happy, and healthy new year.

Kenneth P. Fivizzani, Ph.D.

Chemical Hygiene Officer

Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemicals

Nebraska Safety Council Logo

Nebraska Safety Council

I would like to thank you for the wonderful presentations you made during our Annual Conference this past April. The feedback we received was tremendous. You were a definite hit with our clients.

From reviewing the evaluations, clients found the match and mirror technique the most helpful. Some of the comments from the evaluations are listed below:

  • “Awesome! You are a class act. You bring integrity to the safety profession, John. Thanks for raising the bar and with all of us.”
  • “Learning became easy with John because he makes major points interesting, humorous and focused.”
  • “John is the most inspiring thinker and teacher I have heard in many years. ” (Maybe forever)
  • “Unique method of teaching through stories without defining the lesson prior to the story.”


It was a pleasure meeting you, John. May you have a safe and prosperous year!

Laurie Klosterboer

Executive Director

Nebraska Safety Council

Nevada Power Logo

Nevada Power Company

Thanks so much for making our Safety Kick Off meetings a success.

The four safety presentations and two communication skills workshops went over very well with all the employees attending. There have been nothing but good comments on the presentations, the message was well received.

I want to also thank Diane for all her work and coordination. We’re looking forward to working with you again.

Carol S. Madril

Industrial Health Specialist

Nevada Power Company

Nielsons Logo SM

Nielsons Inc.

Thank you from all of us at Nielsons for a top-notch presentation. All in attendance agree that you are best described as a first rate “Edutainer”.

Your program was most educational while at the same time totally entertaining.

Survey comments stated that many great communication ideas and safety management tools were presented which will benefit both supervision and our work force.

Thanks again for helping to make this years Risk Management Seminar such a success.

Paul Herrick

Safety Director

Nielsons Inc.


Pacific Gas and Electric

Let me again thank you for the outstanding presentation to employees at PG&E’s Stockton Division Safety Kick-off in January. The Kick-Off was a huge success and we owe much of that success to John Drebinger. Communicating “Safety” is enormously important and if one message, statement, or “trick of the mind” is responsible for saving an individual from harm, then there is no greater success and reward in my opinion.

Your combined humor, magician skills, alertness and talent to deliver the messages our company wanted to convey, while managing to keep the interest and entertain employees at the same time. Not an easy feat.

Ernest J. Boutte

Division Manager, Stockton Division

Pacific Gas and Electric


Pacific Gas & Electric

I was just sitting around “doing nothing” so I thought I would drop a line to let you know what a great job you did at our safety kickoff. I really appreciated the way you picked up on what Jim Shiffer, Jim Randolph and Terry Nelson said and then incorporated that into your act along with a safety message.

With the pending sale of this power plant, Moss Landing employees are experiencing the unfamiliar circumstance of having to make decisions regarding their employment with PG&E. By speaking with you and Diane Weiss prior to your presentation, you were able to deliver some key messages to our employees that pertained particularly to their situation.

I was really pleased with your presentation, especially when I looked back and saw that the audience was about to fall out of their chairs laughing at the “doing nothing” bit you started with Ralph Dominguez. Ralph was a good sport and you parlayed that bit into something really entertaining for us.

Also, I cannot end this note without mentioning how terrific it was working with Diane to schedule your appearance here. She was very informative and supportive which I appreciated since I am fairly new to this safety business.  I’m sure we’ll be doing business again soon, and once again, thanks for doing such a great job.

Janet Peters

Safety Program Coordinator

Pacific Gas and Electric – Moss Landing

Red Simpson Logo SM

Red Simpson, Inc.

Once again we have had a successful Annual Meeting and you have played an instrumental role in that success.

Your ability to target an appropriate message, based on our meeting theme and objectives, to our people during your two breakout sessions is very impressive. You managed to stress important aspects of Safety Leadership while entertaining them at the same tune. That is truly a talent and a gift.

I also appreciate your flexibility in filling a spot during our morning session, to emphasize the importance of safety.

Again, many thanks for your contribution to a successful Annual Meeting.

Ronald J. Schenk

Director of Marketing

Red Simpson, Inc.

Ryder Logistics Logo

Ryder Integrated Logistics
I would like to take a moment at this time to again thank you for the great presentation which you made at our recent communications and Utilities Safety Symposium in Atlanta. Your presentation was right on the money in meeting the goals, which we had set for both the meeting and what we desired to hear from you. You worked very hard to be sure to understand the desired outcome of the meeting and tailored your presentation to that end.

The feedback was great from everyone who attended. We are using your book as a means to further strengthen your message. While not the main theme, we are also trying to figure out you tricks; “the same dollar bill, no way!!”

Again, thanks very much for a great presentation. Already we are discussing how your message may be brought to others within our organization. I look forward to hearing you again the future. The subject of Safety is too important not to take the positive, fresh approach that you take. For this we thank you.

Stuart Arey

Ryder Integrated Logistics

Greater Omaha NSC Chapter

Safety and Health Council of Greater Omaha

The Safety and Health Council of Greater Omaha thanks John for another outstanding presentation! Everyone enjoyed your presentation.

Diane, thank you again for all your help and I look forward to working with you and John in the future. Thanks loads to John he was great!

Kay Farrell


Safety and Health Council of Greater Omaha

Sherwin Williams Logo SM

Sherwin Williams

I just wanted to let you know that John did a great job in presenting “Mastering Safety Communication”^ the Sherwin-Williams 1999 Safety Leadership Meeting in Charleston, West Virginia.

Several of our participants were apprehensive when told that John’s only “props” were a lapel microphone and a platform, those concerns rescinded after John delivered his opening segment. In retrospect, the day was very eventful, ever/one was involved in the presentation, and John was able to hold the group’s interest for the entire day.

I’m sure that John will be addressing other S-W audiences in the future.

Rather than elaborating further, I’m enclosing a summary of the comments received from our group. Keep up the good work!

The following come from comment cards turned in by attendees:

  • Highly motivating and helpful;
  • Simple, powerful, eloquent and disarmingly funny presentation. Strengthened safety conviction;
  • I liked the comments about “owning a meeting.”
  • A very good presentation;
  • Useful information – presented well. Presentation was colorful and kept the groups’ attention. Good useful, and pertinent information. One of the best presentations and format for a group meeting format;
  • Very entertaining – enjoyed the presentation;
  • John Drebinger was very effective;
  • I am very happy to have been included in the session. Many techniques and practices that were introduced during the training are essential to developing a “great process” whether it be a safety program or quality program or even for use at home. (Can’t remember the last time I felt so involved in a training session). It’s obvious that John has spent a great deal of time and energy to gather information and knowledge in the field of communication;
  • Learned ways to present more exciting safety meetings, more efficient ways to communicate and more positive ways to approach safety in general. Mr. Drebinger is a wonderful, motivated speaker – I wish all of our managers and supervisors could develop that;
  • John did an outstanding job with his presentation. It was very exciting and eye opening. It was very positive and will allow each and everyone that was there to have a better outlook on safety. I know you don’t know, but if you could think of one thing, what would it be? Never take anything for granted;
  • Good material I can use. Generated some new ideas;
  • Many thought provoking topics were presented. More very useful tools for our safety toolbox;
  • Heard some good ideas on how to approach people;
  • There were numerous techniques/skills that have practical use for me at my facility that were presented here today;
  • I felt that John’s presentation was excellent. I believe I picked up many good ideas and I hope that I can implement at the factory as well as my private life;
  • John presented the information in a witty, productive manner. I enjoyed his presentation I feel better equipped to run safety meetings and found interesting ideas on making topics fun.


David C. Swenson, CSP

Associate Director of Safety

Sherwin Williams

Sierra Pacific Power Logo

Sierra Pacific Power Company

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you have done for Sierra Pacific Power Company. I have heard many presentations in my career and I thought yours was so outstanding that I felt it was important that other employees in the state be exposed to your message. For this reason, I had my company sponsor you as the keynote speaker at the Nevada Governor’s Safety Conference and I am extremely glad we did.

We had terrific responses from all the attendees. They appreciated that your message was not only inspirational, but gave them tools they could use to be more effective as safety professionals.

Of the many attendees I spoke to that purchased a copy of your book, I was pleased to learn from them that they considered it one of their most valuable tools they use to increase their effectiveness in the safety field.

Many safety professionals are dedicated to making a difference and doing a great job, yet many have not been exposed to the tools that will allow them such success. Your book and live presentation fill this need.

Mary Jean Snow

Safety & Health Manager

Sierra Pacific Power Company

ASSE logo

SMConsultations, Inc.

John, your command of the spoken word is nothing short of inspirational. I remain a student of your wonderful and effective communication skills and techniques. I am honored to consider you a fellow colleague in the Safety and Health field.

Scott M. Clark, CSP, REP

SMConsultations, INC.

State Comp Ins Fund Logo SM

State Compensation Insurance Fund

The students felt that the information provided was extremely useful to their job duties and presented in a very effective manner.

Dennis Spillane, CSP

Senior Training Specialist

State Compensation Insurance Fund

Transystems Logo 01


Many thanks for your entertaining and enlightening program on mastering safety communications.

It was very helpful in furthering the training and skills of our managers and will help to assure the continued success of our “Excellence in Safety” program.

Thanks also for the balloon trick and the watch trick. The watch trick, by the way, was not without repercussions. Dan Rice started his presentation the next day by passing around a box and instructing every other manager to throw his wallet in. He wanted to know what was so impressive about the taking of a $10 watch. With no magic at all he had half their wallets!

Jayne Rogers

Compliance Manager


United Parcel Service Logo

United Parcel Service – UPS

Thank you for attending the United Parcel Service, Washington District Health and Safety Conference.

I want you to know the positive response that was generated by your presentation. Numerous employees, both hourly and management have contacted me to express their enthusiasm for both your magic and the message you leave with your audience. I too was very impressed with your presentation but even more so with your willingness to pass along “tricks of the trade.” Everyone in the safety field realizes you must be able to reach your audience and you personally passed along some valuable insights to both others and me making presentations during this event.

I would also like to compliment your marketing director Diane Weiss. She was a pleasure to deal with and represents you very well.

We all look forward to using your services in the future.

Brett Ferguson

Washington District

Health & Safety Manager

United Parcel Service – UPS

Departmento of Labor logo

United States Department of Labor
Dallas Regional Office
Occupational Safety and Health Administration

I would like to express our Thanks and Appreciation for the motivational presentation you gave. Your teaching technique is unique and very illuminating. While our personnel enjoyed the magic tricks and your humorous comments, they also understand the logic behind it. My staff now understands the importance of Mastering Safety Communication, that the impossible won’t be just an illusion.
John B. Miles Jr.
Regional Administrator

United States Postal Service Logo

United States Postal Service

This letter is to express our appreciation for your participation at the Postal Life Celebration in Wichita, Kansas.

The success of the conference was complimented by your enthusiasm in providing practical information in your workshop “The First Step in Communication”. You helped create an awareness of how to make the USPS a great place to work.

Thank you for your contribution in making this Celebration a success.

Mike T. Matuzek

District Mgr., Customer Service and Sales

Central Plains District

Richard S. Shaver

A/Lead Plant Manager

Central Plains District

United States Postal Service

Wichita Chapter ASSE Logo

Wichita Chapter – ASSE
The reason it was successful is due to John’s presentation. Each person that I asked felt that they had benefited from John’s information and felt their cost was justified.

You never know what the real benefits of seminars are until you see that the attendee’s take action because of it. I know that for the people I sent, they indicate that they are using some of the techniques discussed.

David B. McKinney, CSP
President Elect ASSE Chapter Wichita Chapter



“John’s humor and storytelling always makes me think and get excited about how I can share safety with others”

“Reminded me that companies don’t get hurt, people do”

“He successfully meshed our safety theme into his presentation”

“Learned that people don’t have to present safety concepts, but get to present safety concepts and ideas”

“I realized I affect more than my employee’s lives, but those they come in contact with and so on…. ”

“Loved the magic, enthusiasm, and the humor while still being serious about safety”

“Upbeat, energetic, informational”

“His use of magic to illustrate points was very effective”

“Safety speaker John keeps your attention and gets audience involved”

“I will get better results during my safety meetings after learning from John”

“Great examples to take home and use”

“12 elements of an effective presentation is useful to me in developing safety training’s”

“Simple, concise, easy to retain”

“John has a passion and is very energetic in his delivery style”

“Relevant to everyday life”

“Fantastic presentation again, even though I’ve seen you for years, it is always different!”

“Bring John back next year!”

Articles Written about John’s Presentation

 From: NASA Dryden’s “Spotlight” 

Next up was safety and motivational speaker John Drebinger, who has recently shed 100 pounds as part of his personal commitment to health and safety.

Aside from people taking responsibility for their own safety, Drebinger also said people need to look out for each other.

“We don’t want people learning from experience about safety,” he said.

As an example of the distractions all around people, he managed to take a wristwatch off of Dennis Hines, Dryden associate director for programs. Hines was assisting Drebinger with a magic trick when the distractions allowed for the watch to be acquired.

When driving, he said to assume that other drivers are distracted and advised taking precautions such as giving them a bit more room from bumper to bumper.

“You can predict the future by observing the world around you. A dented-up car may be the best a person could afford, or it might be they bought it new and the dents are a sign saying, ‘I can’t drive,'” Drebinger said.

If a person observes something unsafe, they should “make a difference and do something,” he said. Asking a person if they want you to look out for their safety is one way to limit the potential discomfort of taking that step, Drebinger said.  For full article  (Click Here)


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