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Safety motivational speaker John Drebinger is, “Watching out for everyone’s safety™” with these popular products. Books, eBooks, DVDs, CDs, and Magic Kit.

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Paperback $14.95

eBook $12.97

Would You Watch Out For My Safety?®

John gives the reader  5 reasons they would want to watch out for everyone’s safety and then shows them methods to intervene and share safety with others. Finally, he teaches how to respond when someone watches out for your safety.

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Paperback $14.95

eBook $12.97

Mastering Safety Communication

The most important book on communicating your safety message you could own.

It’s the first and only book written specifically for safety professionals by a Certified Speaking Professional. John lays bare his exact system for making safety fun and interesting. You’ll find more tips on any two pages of this book than you’ll find in other so-called how-to books.

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eBook $12.97

Safety From a Christian Perspective

Looks at safety as a calling from God can give you the added energy and motivation to be more effective. This book helps you utilize your spiritual values in order to help protect God’s children from injuries.

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eBook $12.97

 “Communication Skills for Safety Leaders and Safety Teams”

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3 eBook’s $24.97


Get all three of John’s Safety eBooks for only $24.97 including Safety from a Christian Perspective, Mastering Safety Communication, and Would You Watch Out For My Safety?® (A savings of $13.94 if purchased separately)

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MP3 File for your iPod or Computer

Mastering Safety Communication Audio Book  

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Price: $695.00

Ensure Your Safety DVD  

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Dynamic Presentations Institute Home Study Course  

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Price: $127.00 

John’s Magic Kit Learn more 

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