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Safety Speakers Discover Management Safety Fails

Safety Speakers Discover Management Safety Fails
In my presentation, “Safety For Leaders,” I share ways leaders who are committed to safety can reinforce their safety message. As a safety speaker, I explain a few things they must do to avoid undermining their safety message. Leaders who value safety must be congruent. As a safety motivational speaker, the fails I notice always amaze me. Leaders who are committed to safety take actions or say things, which may deliver the opposite message. Safety speakers can look from the outside in and understand how this happens.

This can be very demoralizing to safety teams and safety leaders. I hear about this issue when I am one of the safety motivational speakers at a national or regional safety conference. After my sessions, safety professionals and safety team leaders share some of the challenges they face.

Trusting When You Delegate
This challenge is when a leader delegates responsibility for a safety kickoff to the safety team. There is either an implied or specific budget of money and time for the event which has been taken into account. The safety team plans the event, arranges for the meeting place and also any guest safety speakers. I know how much work is entailed because my meeting planner, Diane Weiss, spends a lot of time helping my clients through the process. After all this, suddenly at the last minute, the leadership changes their mind and decides to go in an entirely different direction.

Disappointment Creates Futility

This creates a feeling of futility for the safety team and safety is tough enough without adding this disappointment. There is no question they have the right to make this decision but they should have made it at the beginning of the process. If they aren’t confident in their people, they should develop the overall plan themselves and then just delegate the tasks.

I understand similar lack of support occurs when the safety professional is unable to have the final say on safety equipment to be purchased.

Leaders should never give someone authority to act if they don’t trust what they will ultimately do. Great leaders find good qualified people who know what they are doing and then trust them.

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