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Safety Speakers Encourage A Different Perspective

Safety Speakers Can Take A Different Perspective
As a safety speaker, I have the opportunity to interview many employees around the world. An emergency response team member, at a site where I was their safety motivational speaker, shared with me a new way to motivate people to wear safety gloves when performing any task.

Specialized Training Gives A Unique Perspective

His perspective is unique because of his specialized training. As a first responder, he has been trained in the subject of blood-borne pathogens. Many people know blood can carry diseases and that is why they wear surgical type gloves when performing certain tasks in first aid, cleanup and other tasks which might cause them to come in contact with bodily fluids, especially blood.

My friend, when serving as a safety speaker or trainer would tell people you need to consider blood-borne pathogens in other contexts. He teaches an open wound or visible blood are not the only hazards out there.

How many times have you climbed a ladder and thought of the importance of gloves? Maybe you think what you are doing on the ladder doesn’t require gloves. However, have you ever scratched your skin while climbing a ladder? Oftentimes, ladders sustain dents and blows, which may create sharp edges capable of cutting your hands. Even a small cut you might not think you need first aid for could be an opportunity to pick up a disease.

Safety Speakers Pose Questions

He uses a technique I highly recommend when you want to change people’s behaviors or motivate them to do something. He poses a question. Questions are great for getting someone to rethink their position on a new safety procedure. His question is, “What if, while you are climbing a ladder or sliding your hand across a scaffolding rail, you hit a rough edge that cuts your finger? What if you aren’t the first person to be cut?

The person before you may have a disease and when they are cut a small portion of their blood is left behind on the sharp edge. You come along without gloves and hit the same sharp edge. It’s as if you were sharing needles with someone.” He pointed out information about how long some viruses can survive. Even on a dry surface moisture can cause them to be transmittable. By not wearing protective gloves, you have put yourself at greater risk than you ever imagined.

All the more reason to report even a small cut. First, you can get it cleaned and bandaged. Second, you or someone else could go to the location of the barb and clean it. Third, the rough edge could be removed or covered to prevent further injuries. Of course, all of this could be avoided if people regularly used gloves.

A Brilliant Technique

The brilliance of this as a motivational technique is he has given people a good reason why they would “want” to wear gloves. What was once thought of as a minimal hazard now has potential serious consequences, which motivates people to take the extra effort to protect their hands.

When safety speakers give more reasons to take the action you are aiming for, you will more likely get the desired result.

Obviously, there are many more reasons to wear protective gloves on and off the job. The more reasons your employees see as relevant, the more likely they will use them even when no one is watching.

Solutions For Your Safety Challenges
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