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Safety Speaker Thoughts On Multi-Tasking and Safety

Safety Speaker Thoughts On Multi-Tasking and Safety

We live in a world which has embraced the concept of multi-tasking. I suspect the belief was you could get more done if you did multiple tasks at one time. It does seem to make sense. After all, we all know we can be talking, giving a speech or having a conversation and be thinking other thoughts in our mind at the same time. As a safety speaker, I have experienced this in every talk I do. I’ll even bet you’ve thought on occasion it’s a good thing the other person can’t hear what’s in my head.

Should We Multi-Task?

We know we are capable of multi-tasking; the question is, should we? Another question is, when should we? One major indicator it might not be the best approach is studying very successful or productive people. Many authors in the field of self-improvement and personal development point out the importance of focus. The ability to have a laser focus on one item at a time is very powerful. As a safety speaker and certified hypnotherapist, I can tell you when you focus you are able to use most of your conscious and unconscious mind’s brain power to deal with the task at hand. Successful people are problem solvers and you are more likely to solve problems when you have more of your own brain working on one item.

So what does this have to do with safety? As a safety speaker, let me share a couple of items. First, when it comes to safety training or education be sure your people are focused on your presentation. This means you must make it worthy of their paying attention. These days you can’t just ask people to close their laptops or not use their smart phones or tablets because many people including myself use these to take notes.
I do believe it’s a good idea to ask people to stay focused on today’s topic, just as you would ask them to do when they were doing their job each day.

Secondly, when you are talking with others put down your smart phone or computer and devote one-hundred percent of your attention on them. You will be much more able to actually listen and be more likely to understand what they are trying to get across to you. They are also more likely to perceive you are actually listening and paying attention to them.

Multi-Tasking Makes People Think You Aren’t Listening

Likewise, when you are having a conversation with someone in your office or even when you are the one talking be sure to not be doing anything else. If you are doing another task and talking with them it subliminally lessens the value of what you are sharing, after all, it isn’t the only thing you are focused on.

All this and I haven’t even discussed multi-tasking while someone is doing their job.

One of my hypnosis instructors shared with us an article titled, “The Magic Number Seven Plus or Minus Two”. The lesson of the article was most people can consciously focus on seven items at one time. As the title suggests it is sometimes five and sometimes nine. For example, right now you are reading this article. You may notice several other things. If I bring something to your mind you are not consciously aware of something else falls off your attention. I might point out you notice your feet on the floor. I wonder what left your conscious awareness at that moment.

Don’t Bring Negative Ideas To Their Conscious Mind

This is why as a safety speaker, I never ask in a room that feels too hot, “Is it hot in here or is it just me?” Prior to that moment, only a few of us in the room were uncomfortable. From that moment on, everyone was aware of it. We have a rule while hiking or backpacking that you can’t complain about your feet hurting. If you do, suddenly everyone’s feet hurt. Of course, if someone needs first aid for their feet they can speak up.

Taking this to our discussion of multi-tasking, you can’t be laser-focused when you are multi-tasking and you are using up some of the seven things you can be aware of consciously at any given time.

Keep your focus on whatever you are doing and you will always do it better.

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