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As a safety speaker I have the privilege of working with some real safety champions. We all know how important it is to look for, spot and point out unsafe conditions or actions. Another way to improve you and your employees safety awareness is to look for opportunities to point out when safety is done right. Yo can do this in several ways:
  • When someone has created a safe condition by eliminating a hazard. (This can be as simple as observing someone picking up some trash or something someone could slip or trip on)
  • When someone chooses to do something safely.
  • When someone watches out for the safety of someone else.
  • When you deal with a business which has policies and procedures that protect you and others.

Someone Watched Out For My Safety

Just recently, I had such an opportunity. I was sitting at home when I received a phone call from someone doing a poll. They identified themselves as being from the Gallup organization doing a customer survey for Union Bank. They asked if I would be willing to answer a few questions to help Union Bank do a better job of serving their customers. I answered yes and then something great happened. The caller asked if now was a good time to do the survey and asked if I was driving as he didn’t want me to do the survey if that was the case.

I answered I was safe and then explained how I appreciated his asking. I explained I am a safety speaker and I would be bragging about how he and his organization understood safety was important. I told him my career is traveling around the world teaching people how to watch out for the safety of others. I once again thanked him for caring about my safety and let him continue the survey. When he was done I gave him one final thank you and mentioned I would be talking about him in this week’s newsletter. Thanks to the Gallup organization and their leadership for showing safety is a value for them.

Praising Others Improves Your Awareness

Any situation in which you actively pay attention to safety issues around you helps to improve your focus and safety awareness. When you look for people taking actions that support safety on and off the job your awareness is strengthened. In addition, you create a positive association between safety and people. It also lifts your spirits looking for good safety actions instead of only seeing safety problems. As a safety speaker I make it a point to praise people whenever I can.

Solutions For Your Safety Challenges
When you need solutions for your safety challenges give Diane Weiss a call at 209-745-9419 and bring John to your site to discover injury preventing solutions. You can email her at
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I’ll be, “Watching Out For Everyone’s Safety™”

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