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Would You Watch Out For My Safety?™ by safety speaker John Drebinger




For years, safety leaders have been telling people to be their brother’s keeper without giving them effective ways of doing so. “Would You Watch Out For My Safety?™” teaches the “how-to” techniques for sharing safety concerns with others. After experiencing motivational safety speaker John Drebinger’s presentation, your employees will know the reason why they should watch out for each other and specifically how to share safety with someone else.

As a result of John’s “Would You Watch Out For My Safety?™” presentation…

Your employees will:

  • Learn five reasons they will “want to” watch out for the safety of others;
  • Discover three reasons people choose not to watch out for others;
  • Know two special techniques for comfortably sharing safety with others;
  • Understand how to respond when someone watches out for their safety;
  • Point out safety hazards to others on and off the job;
  • Know the “how-to” of being their brother’s keeper.
  • Improve their own safety awareness;
  • Never feel regret knowing they could have prevented an injury; and
  • Take home a copy of John’s book, “Would You Watch Out For My Safety?™” (To reinforce the techniques John teaches in his presentation each audience member must receive a copy of his book available at a bulk discount price. This presentation is not available without the books.)

The book was written for each attendee to receive as a handout when entering the presentation room. It helps everyone put the principles they learned into action immediately after his presentation. During John’s presentation he uses several techniques to ensure audience members will want to read the book after the meeting. One way he does this is to share the first part of several stories and tells the audience they will have to read the book to find out the end of the story.

Another technique he uses to increase readership is the book is written in two parts and is a very quick read. The first part is the story of a person and their journey as they learn the five reasons they need to watch out for the safety of others. Along the way, they learn the obstacles that keep people from sharing safety and how to overcome them. The lead character then learns how to share safety and then finally how to respond when someone points safety out to them.

The second half of the book is a narrative of the presentation they will hear from John in person. Whether they choose to read the first half, the second half or the entire book, they will reinforce the lessons and techniques John teaches in person.

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Table of Contents

“Would You Watch Out For My Safety?”™

  • Introduction – How to read this book

Chapters 1-5 are written in story form. The second part of the book, beginning in 
chapter six, addresses the “how to” aspect of the subject. The same principles are explained in each section, so if you like great stories start at Chapter One.

  • Chapter One – One Lucky Morning

“Imagine the consequences of not telling someone about a hazard or an unsafe 

  • Chapter Two – Discovering the Reasons

“Reasons you want to watch out for each other’s safety and how safety as a value 
benefits you.”

  • Chapter Three – Asking For Help

“Begin by asking people to watch out for you. One of the best ways to begin getting people to watch out for others’ safety is to ask them to watch out for you.”

  • Chapter Four – Making It Comfortable

“Discover there are techniques to point out safety to others and feel good about it.”

  • Chapter Five – Responding To Help Others

“How we respond when someone watches out for our safety determines whether 
they will help someone else in the future. Safety culture is improved when you 
thank someone for watching out for you.”

  • Chapter Six – Reasons We Should Watch Out For Each Other’s Safety

“Five great reasons to watch out for others:

  1. Improve your own awareness.
  2. Avoid regret.
  3. People may be distracted.
  4. Our perceptions can fail us.
  5. It’s the 
right thing to do.”
  • Chapter Seven – Reasons People Fail To Watch Out For Each Other’s Safety

“People talk themselves into thinking someone won’t get hurt in order to avoid   the
discomfort of pointing out a hazard or unsafe behavior.”

  • Chapter Eight – Taking Personal Responsibility – Ask Others To Watch Out For 
Your Safety “Step one is asking the people around you to watch out for your 
  • Chapter Nine – How to Share Safety With Others “Discover the ways you can 
comfortably and effectively help others live and work safely.”
  • Chapter Ten – How to Respond When Someone Watches Out For Your Safety

“Help others watch out for their fellow workers by how you respond when they 
watch out for you.”

  • Chapter Eleven – Sharing Safety with Your Family and Friends

“Sharing safety improves your life and protects the people you care the most about.

Known for his effective and unique presentations, motivational safety speaker Drebinger captivates and motivates your employees as no other speaker does. His reputation for effectiveness has resulted in his teaching presentation and communication techniques at the American Society of Safety Engineers and the National Safety Council’s national conventions for more than two decades.

With his skills as a master of safety communication, John will break through the common objections people have when they come to a “Safety Meeting.” The mindset of, “We have heard it all before,” is shattered as soon as he takes the stage. As a member of the prestigious Hollywood Magic Castle, John is able to keep the audience’s attention with his magic effects, which each convey a safety concept and will have them talking about your safety meeting for months.

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