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Communication skills for a safe and productive workplace.


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What You Should Know About Safety Presentations

Back 26 years ago, when safety motivational speaker John Drebinger began his career giving safety presentations there were only a few safety speakers to choose from. Primarily safety presentations were stories told by someone who sustained an injury and shared the consequences of that event. Today it seems there are new people doing safety presentations every week. The secret is to find someone whose safety presentations are effective and get the results you need. Safety motivational speaker John Drebinger is the only safety speaker who has a degree in speech and whose material is peer reviewed to ensure its effectiveness in your workplace.

You Want A Safety Motivational Speaker Who Gets Results

There are many safety speakers who will get an emotional response from their audience. The challenge is bringing in safety speakers who improve your safety performance. Internationally known John Drebinger teaches peer reviewed safety techniques that help people watch out for each other and reduce injuries. His techniques can be put to use immediately and are easy to remember and implement.

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