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Being a safety speaker for the past 21 years I have had the privilege of working with the best in the business. The following are the people I can whole heartedly recommend to you.

Behavior Based Safety: If you want the absolute best in “Behavior Based Safety” you couldn’t do better than contacting my friends at Safety Performance Solutions. They go beyond Behavior Based Safety to “People Based Safety”. These people are innovators in their field and their methods are research based. You can contact them at: 540.951.7233 or email or click on the logo below.


Video Production: I am proud to recommend George Ayrouth and James Roehrig at MVT Productions. Because of their outstanding skills many people have been able to hear and see my presentations. Their work on my promotional materials and with my video products has been awesome. They are great to work with and are just great people.

If you are looking to make a safety video for your site or for your company they will do a great job for you. Give them a call at 714.424.9974 or click on the logo below to go directly to their website.




Lighthouse and History Fans

If you are someone who is interested in the history of the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse then this is the book for you. It is written by my friend Dr. Sonny Witt. It has many photos and details about the people and their life on the cape.

“Go back to the beginning – the beaches, the shoals, the large boulders just beneath the surface of the waves, and the swift and dangerous currents of the Atlantic. The place is the Cape – Capo de Canaveral- Cape of the Canaveral, Florida, in the time of the Ais Indians. Drawn to the Light chronicles the settlement of Cape Canaveral and tells the story of the Ais and the courageous people who came after. A labor of love for me, and a must-read for history buffs, young and old.”    – Sonny Witt

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