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Safety Speakers Insights – Consequences and Safety

August 3, 2016

Safety Speakers and Consequences There are many techniques safety speakers can use. If you know my work as a safety speaker, author and thought leader, you know I prefer to motivate people from a positive perspective. When people are self-motivated to work safely they will make the best safety choices even when no one is […]

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Safety Speaker Tip – Go Beyond Your Industry For Safety Insights

August 1, 2016

As a motivational safety speaker I have too often seen people develop tunnel vision when it comes to safety solutions and safety teaching and training. When you only teach safety specific to a particular job, task, or industry you risk people missing the general safety principles. For example, when we talk about distracted drivers, which […]

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Safety Speaker Tips – Article Topic Request for Suggestions

July 27, 2016

Recently, my friend and editor of Industrial Safety and Hygiene News, shared several safety article topics he wants me as a safety speaker to write. In recent months, many of you have shared how helpful my newsletter is. You share it with your leaders and employees. At a recent company meeting, I realized I should […]

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Safety Speakers Insights – Family Members Watching Out

March 22, 2016

Safety Speakers Can Learn From Their Audience Great safety speakers can learn as much from their audience as the audience learns from them. As a safety speaker I had the pleasure of speaking at two conferences this year held by Innovative Risk Management. The first meeting was in Dallas, Texas. As with every successful meeting […]

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Safety Speaker Insights™ – Cellular Phone Safety – Helping Others Be Safe

March 16, 2016

As a safety speaker I hear and see much material about cellular phones. Most conversations about cellular phone safety have been approached from the perspective of the person on the cellular phone driving, walking or doing some other activity. Imagine yourself at your desk, at home sitting down, or someplace else where everyone would agree […]

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Safety Speaker Insights – Doing the Right Thing For Safety

March 14, 2016

Apollo One Memorial As a safety speaker I have had some amazing opportunities as a result of my travels and my work. In January, 2015, I had the privilege of attending the memorial service for the Apollo One Astronauts. This ceremony is held on January 27th each year beginning at 6:00pm Eastern Time and ending […]

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Safety Speaker Insights – Safety Communication and Social Media

March 11, 2016

As a safety speaker I think of communicating safety every day. On New Years Eve I saw an excellent use of social media to send a positive safety message. One of my Facebook friends Tom posted the following the afternoon of New Years Eve. In following the comments I don’t believe any one took him […]

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Safety Speaker Shares – What Do Statistics Mean To Your Audience?

December 5, 2015

Safety Speaker John Drebinger Shares – What Do Statistics Mean To Your Audience How often do you or the leadership of your company share safety statistics with your employees? As a safety speaker have you ever wondered how effective it is to do so? At a recent presentation, the corporate safety leader took a moment […]

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Safety Speaker – Safety Shares Another Way To Watch Out For Others

November 11, 2015

Safety Speaker Insights For years, as a safety speaker, I have focused on teaching people ways to watch out for the safety of others. I saw an excellent example of another way each of us can watch out for everyone’s safety. I arrived 2 hours early (as a safety speaker, I do this so my […]

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Safety Speaker John Reminds Your Workers To Take Safety Home

November 3, 2015

As an international safety speaker, I often remind audiences more injuries occur off the job than at work. With all the focus we place on workplace safety, I think most people must not be aware of this fact. For many of my clients, their safety record is so good the safest part of their employees’ […]

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