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FAQ – Safety Speakers Answers To Your Questions

Should we make attendance at our safety meeting mandatory?
For me it’s all about consistency. Are your other corporate meetings mandatory? For instance if your marketing director calls a meeting is it mandatory for all their people to attend? If so then obviously attendance at a safety meeting must be the same or it sends a message that safety is less important and not a true value for the company. One common mistake is that people don’t want to “force” people to attend a safety meeting because they should want to be there. The challenge is that we display our values by what we hold other people accountable for. If we don’t hold them accountable for safety meeting attendance then how can we expect them to take it as seriously as those other job expectations we do hold them accountable for?

Can John do more than one presentation in a day?
Yes, Diane Weiss John’s Marketing Director can help you find the appropriate number of presentations are right for your needs. In fact there are only a few motivational safety speakers who will work all hours of the day and John has done this since his career as a safety speaker began.

Can John speak to multiple shifts in one day?
Yes, Many safety speakers do not do presentations covering multiple shifts. John loves to make sure all shifts understand you care about them. You can’t beat the rush you get when a room full of people just finishing up a long shift pay close attention and enjoy a fun and effective safety meeting when all they expected to do was fall asleep. When they come up after the meeting and thank me for how great it was I am energized to help more and more people be safe.

Can John customize his material for our company or our event?
Yes, John will discuss your event with your in order to find out what your outcomes for the meeting are. He will modify his presentation to reinforce your outcomes. If you read many of the testimonial letters, (Click Here For Testimonial Letters) you will notice how many people were thrilled with how John was able to fit his message and the clients together. Diane and John will discuss with you before his arrival what your specific needs and outcomes are.

Will John speak at our location so we do not have to transport our workers offsite? Absolutely! John has spoken in a vehicle repair bay at a gold mine, under the saws at a lumber mill, next to a hydroelectric turbine in a dam on the Columbia river, in the blockhouse used to launch John Glenn into orbit, an oil refinery fire station, in a chemical plant control room, in a power plant control room… and the list goes on. If you can safely put together chairs and a microphone and speakers John can do the rest. One of his favorite places is the contractors tent used for briefings at outages and turnarounds. The energy of an audience at a job site is exciting.

What if we need an interpreter for some members of our audience?John has given many presentations with a translator. He was trained in this technique when he became a member of a board of directors for an organization that trains short term missionaries. The trainer who taught him shared some insights that make the presentation much more effective. John even times his magic effects to occur at the right time in the translation so they have the biggest effect. John would like to meet with the translator before the presentation to brief them on a few items.

How about someone translating with sign language for the hearing impaired?John will meet with the hearing impaired person and the translator ahead of time to make the presentation most effective. John is such an experienced professional that he lets the hearing impaired person and the translator know when the translation must be paused so the person can actually watch a magic effect and not miss out.

Is there a size limit as to our audience?No, John has given keynote addresses for upwards of 3,000 and spoken to as few as two workers in a control room. No matter what the size John knows how to make connection with the entire audience. He is so good at this that other speakers have him teach his technique for making connection with everyone in their audience when they attend his, Dynamic Presentations Institute.

What if we have factory workers and office people who attend the same session?Great, John uses stories and lessons everyone can relate to. In fact he makes sure the office people learn the importance of safety as their job might not be as dangerous but they have more incidents.

Will John speak at our location so we do not have to transport our workers offsite? Absolutely! John has spoken in warehouses, tents, tunnels, dams, sawmills, mechanics bays, lawns, runways, hangars, control rooms, office buildings, auditoriums, baseball diamonds, theaters, and even in the blockhouse at the launch pad where John Glenn was launched into orbit. If you can make it a safe place for an audience he can speak.





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