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Safety From a Christian Perspective by safety speaker John Drebinger

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Discover the Spiritual Approach to Safety

As I travel around the world helping people get home safely, I have met many safety professionals and safety team members. They trust God every day to help them improve safety on and off the job. Looking at safety as a calling from God and a mission field unto itself can give you the added energy and motivation to be more effective. This digital  eBook helps you utilize your spiritual values in order to help protect God’s children from injuries.

Inspired By Responses To My Newsletter

Several years ago, I arrived in a city to do my safety presentation only to discover the meeting had been delayed one month due to an approaching storm. As I waited for my flight home, I was concerned for the safety of the workers with whom I was going to talk. I realized even though I would not be able to protect them with the safety message I was to deliver I could pray for their protection. I wrote an article on this experience from which I received the most emails than any newsletter I had ever written. People also asked if I could write further on the spiritual side of safety. This digital eBook is the result of those requests.

A Spiritual View of Safety and Motivation

Over the past 25 years, I have had the privilege of helping people go home safely every day. I have enjoyed talking with many of you following my presentations and often people will share they are a fellow Christian, which opens the door to discuss our faith. It is always interesting to hear how you minister to your fellow employees via watching out for their safety through prayer. This, in turn, protects their families when safety concepts are taken home and practiced there as well.

If you have followed my writings over the years, you will recognize much of what is in this book. The biggest difference in this book is I am being more focused on the God-portion of what we do than I can do in corporate or government presentations. I hope to inspire you to continue to exercise the power of prayer and ministry as a witness to our faith and the protection it affords us and those for whom we watch.

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Only $12.97

(System Requirements for Digital eBook: You must have an eReader device such as Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet, Android Phone, OR you may read it on your computer using Adobe Reader)

What’s Inside:


How to read this digital eBook:

Chapters 1-5 are written in story form. The second part of the book, beginning in chapter six, addresses the “how-to” aspect of the subject. The same principles are explained in each section, so if you like great stories start at Chapter One.

Chapter One – Safety as Ministry

  • Protecting Against Emotional Injury
  • God Forgives Yet We Live With the Scars
  • Free Will – Worship and Safety
  • Free Will and Personal Responsibility
  • Leaders Must Take Personal Responsibility For Their Employees
  • Giving Your Life For Others
  • What is the Opposite of Love?
  • Keeping the Unsaved Safe
  • God Gave Adam a Job
  • Rebellion and Safety

Chapter Two – Safety and Prayer

  • The Power of the Christian Community
  • Safety and Prayer Responses
  • Prayer for Those We Impact
  • Prayer as Preparation

Chapter Three – Effective Communication Modeling the Master

  • Studying the Greatest Communicator Ever
  • Christian Safety, Storytelling and Jesus
  • Stories Are Easy to Remember
  • Two Types of Stories
  • One Additional Thought On Jesus as a Teacher

Chapter Four – People of Like-Minded Spirit

  • Sensing God’s Spirit in Others
  • Sensing People Who Value Safety
  • Gain Strength By Associating With Others

Chapter Five – Your Faith In the Workplace

  • What’s Appropriate In The Workplace?
  • An Example of Inoffensively Sharing
  • Is it a Good Witness?
  • Let People Know What You Believe
  • Share Your Values
  • Activities Which Serve Community and God
  • Learning How to Connect Subjects
  • Making It Easy

Chapter Six – Humility and Effectiveness

  • Humility
  • Two Valuable Lessons
  • First: Never Pre-Qualify to the Negative
  • You Dishonor the Audience and Your Subject
  • The Solution
  • Second: How Do You Respond When Someone Compliments You?
  • It’s Always About Your Audience

Chapter Seven – Pride and Safety

  • Human Traits Good or Bad?
  • Human Traits and Safety, the Good, Bad and the Ugly
  • Pride
  • Creativity and Ingenuity
  • Love
  • Dedication, Commitment, and Reliability
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Respect
  • How To Handle These Challenges

Chapter Eight – Creativity

  • What is Creativity?
  • Mistakenly Thinking Creativity is a Spiritual Gift
  • Are You Creative?
  • Is God Creative?
  • God’s Creation, Beauty, and Safety
  • We Facilitate People Enjoying God’s Beauty
  • From Chapter Eight, “Mastering Safety Communication” by John Drebinger
  • How People Get Into a Stuck State
  • Getting Someone Out Of a Stuck State
  • I Know You Don’t Know But If You Did Know?
  • Activities You Can Do To Improve Imagination
  • An Example of the Growth of a Training Technique

Chapter Nine – Gifts, Talents, and Purpose

  • Purpose and the Precious Nature of a Life
  • What is Your Purpose in Life?
  • Protecting the Church
  • Safety as Ministry

Only $12.97

(System Requirements for Digital eBook: You must have an eReader device such as Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet, Android Phone, OR you may read it on your computer using Adobe Reader)


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