John Drebinger Safty Speaker

About John -The best choice of all Safety Speakers for your event

Safety speaker John Drebinger works with companies that want a safer workplace and with people who want zero injuries. For more than 22 years, John W. Drebinger, Jr. C.Ht. CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) has earned a reputation as the authority on motivating employees to take personal responsibility for their own safety on and off the jobsite.

Nicknamed the “Master of Safety Communication” because of the Safety Motivational Speakers he has mentored and the results his clients achieve, John can help your leaders effectively convey their message in a way that gets results. His use of proven techniques, fun, and magic will help you raise the expectations, vision, passion, and energy of your workforce to make a safer and more productive workplace. Key to his insightful approach is the premise that safety must be a personal value, and that values don’t change when conditions change, even in tough times.

John is also the well-known author of Mastering Safety Communication, recognized by members of the safety industry as an outstanding training resource, loaded with communication techniques to enhance safety performance. He is known for his expertise and is recognized as a top expert among safety speakers.

His new book, Would You Watch Out for My Safety? is a terrific resource your employees can take home after hearing his presentation of the same title.

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