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"Safety speaker John Drebinger has the best informal intervention that gives your employees the "how to" of being their brother's keeper. Within the first 24 hours, people are watching out for their fellow workers' safety and taking action."

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Safety Speakers Tip – Taking Personal Responsibility Is Vital To A Safe Workplace

Safety Speakers and Personal Responsibility Safety speakers talk alot about taking personal responsibility for safety. Personal responsibility must be taken in many forms to assure a safe workplace. In order to be effective in communicating safety concepts, each one of us must take responsibility for our own safety. As safety professionals and managers, we must […]

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Safety Speaker Tip – Selecting Safety Team Members

Safety Speaker Tip – Selecting Your Team As a safety speaker, I have the privilege of working with some great safety teams. If you have employees voluntarily serve on a site safety team, how do you select and recruit them? First, let’s look at selecting your team. Do you want people who will support you? […]

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Safety Speakers Tip – There Are No Rules! Well Maybe One!

Safety Speakers Do Whatever It Takes I believe great safety speakers must be willing to do “whatever it takes” to make sure their safety message is heard. Here are some tips from my best selling book, “Mastering Safety Communicaton.” (For More Information Click Here) It is important to understand the context of that comment, “whatever […]

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Safety Speakers Tips – Questions Can Be Your Compass

Safety  Speakers Insights – The Power of Questions Safety speakers need to understand the power of the questions they ask themselves and others. Here are some tips from chapter one of my book, “Mastering Safety Communication” which you can purchase on this website. (Click Here) The direction your thinking takes is quite often directed by […]

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