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"Safety speaker John Drebinger has the best informal intervention that gives your employees the "how to" of being their brother's keeper. Within the first 24 hours, people are watching out for their fellow workers' safety and taking action."

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Safety Speaker John’s Audience Reminds Us – You See It, You Own It

You See It, You Own It One of the advantages of being a safety speaker is how much members of your audience share. After my presentations, many people share stories or safety techniques that have worked well for them. One of my audience members, Greg Sandoz, shared with me the slogan, “You See It, You […]

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Secrets of Safety Speakers : Whenever Possible Use A PA System

Secrets of Safety Speaker: Whenever Possible Use A PA System This morning I was listening to other presentations prior to my closing keynote, “Would You Watch Out For My Safety?™” One of the presenters was getting ready and announced he didn’t need a microphone. The person in charge of the meeting stepped in and said, […]

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Farewell Robin Williams

Recently I have written about creativity and safety. One of the most creative people out there passed away today.  It is always sad whenever anyone dies which is why safety is such an important calling. We are charged with getting every creative, loving, family member home every day. One of Robin Williams mentors was Jonathan […]

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Safety Speaker John Drebinger Shares Success Secrets of Jerry Seinfeld

As a safety speaker I want to be successful because it means my message is reaching more lives. Somewhere posted in Facebook or in an article I read, I bumped into a story about a technique comedian Jerry Seinfeld uses to make sure he keeps writing new material.  Seinfeld shared early in his career, he […]

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