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"Safety speaker John Drebinger has the best informal intervention that gives your employees the "how to" of being their brother's keeper. Within the first 24 hours, people are watching out for their fellow workers' safety and taking action."

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Safety Speaker – Safety Shares Another Way To Watch Out For Others

Safety Speaker Insights For years, as a safety speaker, I have focused on teaching people ways to watch out for the safety of others. I saw an excellent example of another way each of us can watch out for everyone’s safety. I arrived 2 hours early (as a safety speaker, I do this so my […]

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Safety Speaker John Reminds Your Workers To Take Safety Home

As an international safety speaker, I often remind audiences more injuries occur off the job than at work. With all the focus we place on workplace safety, I think most people must not be aware of this fact. For many of my clients, their safety record is so good the safest part of their employees’ […]

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Safety Speaker John – Reminding Everyone of the Importance of Your Safety Activities

Success Breeds Complacency As a safety speaker I have discovered in the field of safety, it is ironic that the better your safety performance the more likely people will become complacent. Employees can become complacent and let their guard down. Management can become complacent and believe, “We are now a safe workplace.” As you know, […]

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Safety Motivational Speakers The Real Lifeguards

Safety Motivational Speakers Save Lives When a safety team wants to deliver a message with power they know bringing in an expert can make a real difference. Effective safety motivational speakers cause people to rethink their actions and choose to work safely. When someone rescues someone from actions that could result in their death or […]

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